What Tight Male Underwears Does To Their Penis

Underwears are sewed cloth or inner wears that are worn for every guys including ladies before putting on the main clothes. According to the English dictionary they are clothes worn next to the skin Also they are the wears that covers the private part of every human being both babies directly.

The origin of this underwear or inner wear never started today. It has began since the childhood of every child which is the stage they wear them pampers.

Effects of Tight Underwears to Male Penis

Tight male underwears causes ED which is Erectile dysfunction which also leads to postrate cancer. Also it causes low sperm count as blood don’t pass through freely to all the organs in the penis. Erection comes as a result of enough blood flowing to the penis. This tight wears re-shapes the penis giving it another shape.

It is well advisable to put on free boxers for male in order for normal function of the penis.

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