Nice tips about staphylococcus Aureus.

Staph as it is normally called is a Bacterial that curses infection when it goes into human fluid or blood.

So many things have been writing concerning this stubborn Bacterial infection but am going to give you a tip based on experience because they say experience is the best teacher.

Am going to analyse my point one after another for easy clerification

1. Symptoms. — staphylococcus aureus has so many symptoms depending on how long you have suffered from the disease. Some symptoms begins to come out at early stage while some shows up when the sickness become severe.

Now, from experience, most symptom am going to list out here for you react in so many ways depending on the person that have it. (I don’t know the reason it happens that way).

— Rash on your up jaw below your lips. This rash itches some people and to others, it doesn’t itch except if sweat touches it. This rash becomes redish and hurts sometimes. This rash takes sometime before it start showing up. if the infection is now getting to a severe point. From they, it extends round your mouth and besides your nose (it’s always redish). Note, this rash itches some people very well and to some people it only comes out and makes you ugly and uncomfortable. ( I don’t know the reason why it is so)

2.— pain and peeling off of the outer layer of the scrotal sac…. This symptom is very severe. Though it always show up at the early stage of the infection, but it stands to be the only symptom from my experience that last and makes you much uncomfortable till all the bacteria are dead in your body. This moves up and peels off your skin up to your pens is the infection last.

3.— Rash at your back and peeling off of the outer layer of your palm. This symptom from my experience is always the first to disappear if any powerful drug that affect it is taken.

4.— A little shake inside your body… This happens in a second and stops and happens again in no time. Findings from experts shows that this symptom indicates the bacterial have entered your blood stream.

They are other symptoms. Some people have rash all over their body and some dont

Now medical advice

Staph bacterial excretes what curses the skin to turn whitish in colour and this can takes months or years to heal back. If proper drugs are taken

From my experience, HERBAL MEDICINE is the best for treating staphylococcus (am not saying medicine can’t do that).

Staphylococcus takes longer time to heal depending on how the carrier handles it. And you know drugs have much side effects if taken for a very long time especially if the person suffering it have other health issues.

Important note.. Staph have the power to resist so many drugs and traditional medicine. And the more it overcomes any drug you take, the more it becomes powerful.

Please don’t go and focus on all these ANTIBIOTICS it will only drive them away for sometime and they will come back powerful

Taking intravenous injection will just drive it away for some time. Eliminating staph takes gradual process.

Some people have killed their male organ with drugs they took and they think it the infection, the more you take drugs the more you think it’s not healing, don’t kill yourself with drug. Work with a medical expert if there is a need to change the kind of drug you take he or she will tell you.

Thanks all I have said is from experience. The little I have seen concerning staphylococcus. They are more to it you may be seeing but please take it easy and stay safe. Thanks.

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