Important Uses Of Coconut And How To Make It At Home(steps)

Making coconut milk from fresh coconut fruit may seem tedious to some people, but it’s worth the effort. No substitute can beat coconut milk newly extricated from the natural product. To make a proper home made coconut milk, it is ideal to use the natural coconut.

Below are 5 uses of coconut milk

1. Soups

 Make creamy dairy-free soups with the addition of coconut milk. Winter vegetables and root vegetables go great with coconut milk, but you can really use it to complement any plant base soup.

 2. Baked Goodies

 Replace coconut milk with almond milk, cashew milk, rice milk, soy milk, or water in a 1: 1 ratio for baked goods like muffins, bread, cookies or cakes. 

3. Frozen drinks

 Milkshakes, strawberries, iced coffee drinks – whatever you call them, they’re extra delicious with coconut milk.

 4. Ice cream and kefir

 I find that most dairy-free milk replacers don’t have the thick consistency you need for a really, decadent ice cream. This is where coconut milk comes in! It is ideal for ice cream, fudgesicles and other frozen treats. 

5. Non-dairy cheese

 You can turn coconut milk into a grating cheese for pizza, grilled cheese, quesadillas or omelets.

You can also use canned coconut milk. Coconut milk is used in the preparation of delicious Nigerian fried rice, Nigerian coconut rice, coconut chicken curry, curry noodles, while the chaff can be used for the milky coconut ladoo , coconut candies and coconut macaroons. 


  1 coconut or more.

 2 cups of boiling hot water.

 3 Hammer, pestle or other hard object grater, blender or food processor fine sieve, cheesecloth or muslin bowl.

How to make it 

1. Make a hole in the soft eye, out of 3 on a coconut, using a fine knife or a corkscrew, and drain the coconut water. It is optional. 

2. To open the coconut, wrap it in a cloth, place it on the clean floor and hit it hard with a hammer. Gather the pieces and remove the flesh using a sharp knife to extract it. 

3. Wash and grate with a grater. 

 4. If you are using a blender, cut it into small pieces.

 5. Put in the blender, add a little water and beat until the coconut is pureed 

6. Put the grated coconut in a bowl, add hot water and leave to infuse and cool enough to handle it.

7. Sieve using a fine sieve, cheesecloth or muslin cloth in another bowl. 

8. Squeeze as much milk as possible.

Congratulations, your coconut milk is read now

Use as needed. 

You can add a little more water to the ball and squeeze a little more milk, this time the milk will be thin and diluted. You can use the chaff from the first press for coconut candies, etc.

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