How I Got Rid Of Pimples On My Face With Salts

Pimples are very rampant in Nigerians today and they have been battling with it, many have tried all sort of herbal and english drugs they see but no solution yet. Most have just decided to let it go by itself but it proves stubborn

Now listen to the good news, i just cleared mine using a natual method which is a salt gotten from the sea. But before going to the steps let’s talk about the sea thats the magic behind the healing salt.

Below is a picture of what sea salt looks like

That it is called a sea salt doesnt necessarily mean it is gotten from another planet. But just a normal unrefined salt found in the sea as you can see in the picture below

Peope living with waters around them might have been enjoying the magical work of the salt but people like you don’t know about it, hurry this post is an eye opener to the quick remedy of Pimples

Lets now explan how i cured my pimples with this salt so you can get rid of yours as well

The steps are so easy to follow, below are the steps i took to achieve that;

1. I brought a warm water(any quantity is okay) ,

2. Then i mixed the salt i got from the sea to the warm water.

3. Then i steered very well, and allowed it to settle for a moment.

4. After that, I started applying it on affected areas and I did it for 7 days consistently.

Note: please ensure the part you are applying it to is properly washed and after that just allow it to drop up on your face and you can see it work like a magic.

Wow that’s so nice i guess?

What are your reactions to this?

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