Controversial Issues About Appendix Corrected

In the last century, in some countries, all children have been forcibly removed appendages to avoid appendicitis in the future.

In the past, the appendix was often routinely removed and discarded during other abdominal surgeries to prevent any possibility of a later attack of appendicitis.

The appendix is now spared in case it is needed later for reconstructive surgery if the urinary bladder is removed. In such surgery, a section of the intestine is formed into a replacement bladder, and the appendix is used to re-create a ‘sphincter muscle’ so that the patient remains continent (able to retain urine). Only recently, it has come to light that the appendix is not a rudiment. It plays an important role in the human immune system, being a sort of shelter for microorganisms. When natural flora perishes in the intestine as a result of illness, it becomes “reinforced” by the appendix.

On the other hand, today’s medicine allows to restore the flora of the intestines with the drugs, so this function of the appendix becomes apparently “insignificant.”In addition, the appendix has been successfully fashioned into a makeshift replacement for a diseased ureter, allowing urine to flow from the kidneys to the bladder.

As a result, the appendix, once regarded as a nonfunctional tissue, is now regarded as an important ‘back-up’ that can be used in a variety of reconstructive surgical techniques. It is no longer routinely removed and discarded if it is healthy.

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