6 Suprising Causes of Back Pains and How to Solve Them.

6 Suprising Causes of Back Pains and How to Solve Them….

As We age, the cause of all the discomfort for many people’s back pains often comes from the spinal stenosis, which some are caused as by improperly lifting of heavy objects that can throw your back off and create pains.

If your back is bugging you, 90% of somethings in your everyday life that’s causing the problem which are listed below:


If you’re somone who sits at a desk all day, consider using a standing desk to alleriate the pressure on your back, or please try taking breaks every 30minutes or so to stretch and walk around. Walking flushes toxins and brings nutrition to the discs.


Talking on the cell phone,

especially when you use your shoulder to balance it to your ear, can create uneven pressure,

causing neck pain, which that neck pain can extend to your back.

Most of all be mindful if you do text alot your’re potentially straining your neck by looking down repeatedly,

get earphones and try holding

your phones infront of you when texting so as to reduce the strain on your neck so as

your back should not be affected.


Smoking probably can cause back pains in two ways which are:

1. Smoking has been shown to decrease blood supply to tge disc in the back, therefore causing premature aging of discs.

2. It affects the way the brain responds to back pain anx makes people less resilient to it.


Being overweight can put more pressure on your back and makes you more susceptible to back pain.

Processed sugars can spike inflammation in the body and cause pains,

so consider cutting back on big sugar offenders like Cookies, Doughnut,

Cakes and othersweets.


A medium-form matteress is ideal for your back, but with a soft mattress, the weight on your back can be uneven and cause you pains. So if you constantly wakeup with back pains, it might be that your mattress is too soft, think of chaning it please.


Manage your stress with excercise, meditation and deep breathing because the lower back is the ultimate example of the mind body connection, which stress can tighten your muscles and cause dics to buldge, creating pains. It can also lower your threshold for pain, it literally stiffens you.

NOTE: Movements makes pains better, doing exercise as well as you can, when the pain has pain has passed, strengthening your core and abdominal muscles, which will help your back strong.

Also best way to lifting heavy objects, you want to do a hip hunge rather than bend from the back, keep your knees slightly bent and your back locked.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe

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